Friday, August 18, 2017


August 18, 2017, 255 miles, Elko, NV to Tremonton, UT.  Today was rather low key for our adventurous bunch.  Just drove and drove and drove.  Actually got in early for a change, which was nice. 

Morning drivers meeting.

Interstate 80 to state route 233/30, you know not much is happening when you start counting cars in a train, 101 cars incidentally. 

At our gas stop in Montelo, NV, I think we outnumbered the citizens of the town.   Anyway, made their day at the gas station/store.

Welcome to Utah's back door.

I nominate route 233/30 for the new loneliest road.  Nothing but grass as fur as the eye kin see.

Lunch in the little town of Snowville, UT, you have to go to a mom and pop restaurant to get fresh homemade peach cobbler.   

Back to civilization on I84, found out my A wants to do 60 when the day is almost done.

Told you it was a low level day, tomorrow is Promontory Point.


Anonymous said...

We missed your lunch! We stopped along the road and had a picnic under the only shade trees for miles! We got really spread out today, so much space and road with nothing there we decided to use it.
Mary & Bob

Anonymous said...

Well, glad to see no car troubles this day. Gettin' closer....

Tippy the dog said...

Hi Pat, hi Bob, it's Tippy. Looks like you're having fun. I'm having fun with Marissa and John. Drive safe! woof woof