Wednesday, August 30, 2017


August 30, 2017, Port Angeles, WA to Astoria, OR, 261 miles.
It takes a long time to drive around the Olympic Peninsula,   you spend a lot of time looking at tress, trees, and more trees,,,,,,

Finally, the road comes out on the coast overlooking the ocean,

Spent a good while watching some whales feeding, I guess, pretty close to shore.

And then the 4 mile bridge to Astoria,,,,

This part of the bridge is high enough to allow ships to pass under.

Some of the sights in Astoria,,,,,    a retired pilot boat,,,,,

Josephsons smokehouse,,,,,

The lightship Columbia (retired),,,,

When we drove through town we saw this little fish and chips stand and 20 people standing in line.   That was a good enough recommendation for us, that is where we had dinner.   And it was mighty fine fish and chips.

We have 1 room, riv vu,,,,   remember that movie, although ours is better,  sat out back watching the boats on the river.

We caught up and actually passed the rest of the traveling group,  Lancasters, Nicholsons, and Kafers  are all here in town.   It is another long day tomorrow, we will probably head out at 7.  I like to get out early and get in early.

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Anonymous said...

Now, John and judy wouldn't have left you in the lurch...we'd follow you all the way home.