Friday, August 25, 2017


August 25, 2017,  Morton, WA to Yakima, WA, 150 miles.

First stop was in Elbe, WA.  Here you can rent a caboose or a boxcar for your overnight stay in the Hobo Motel.  And dine in a Pullman next door.

Unusual steam train, notice the V2 arrangement of the cylinders.

And into Mt. Rainier National Park,,,,

This douglas fir log was nearly a thousand years old,,,,,,

Vintage gas station in the park attracted a lot of attention,  a bus pulled up, a flock of people got off and I bet a thousand pictures were taken of us and our old cars.

Mt. Rainier dominates the scenery everywhere you go in the park.

Lots of walking trails and wildflowers and streams and waterfalls.   Mt. Rainier has a number of bonafide active glaciers.

At the end of the day, we stumbled upon a Friday night car show in Yakima, drove in and were an immediate hit.  "You mean to tell me you drove all the way from California?"  Opened a hood and drew them in like flies.

Hmmmm, if I had this engine, I could cruise even faster.

Excitement for the day, pulled over into the slower vehicle turnout to let cars go by and am looking at a car coming head-on like a bat out of hell in this lane.  Some nut crossed over and was using the turnout as a left turn lane.

Find of the day, Kafers found this gas station.

Deal of the day,  Campsites at Mineral Lake, $15/night, $60/week.

Downer for the day,  road construction and one way traffic with half hour waits at least five places, lost count.

Thanks to Rich Lange for planning this super tour, so sorry you and Janet are not here to enjoy the next several days.

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