Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Fini!    Downhill from Tahoe, didn't stop for anything but gas and a burger. They were paving the old Altamont Highway so we did it the hard way, over the Altamont on 580. Heavy, heavy traffic, beat up old road trying to beat up our poor old Model A's and the occupants. Home at 2:00.

Here are the final statistics for us. 3161 miles, 29 stops for gas, 171.9 gallons, 18.4 mpg overall even with my leaking carburetors, and we had 2170 hits on this blog. Patti has unpacked everything, done laundry and is making her list for Whitefish, MT on July 29. I took a nap. Hope you enjoyed our adventure, and thanks for your support. And goodnight Mrs. Calabash, where ever you are.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Bob and Patti.
We have really enjoyed your trip by following along on the blog. That gas mileage is amazing! A lot of cars don't do a lot better 80 years younger than your Model A. Glad you made it home safely and your float didn't sink again. I hope our trip in August is as successful as your trip.
Will Ed and Linda in Texas

Anonymous said...

What a trip! Learned a lot, and travelled with some special people.
Thanks for the memories...
John & Judy

Anonymous said...

WELCOME HOME..Enjoyed reading your blog. Glad you made it back without a trailer.
Bob & Shirley

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the daily updates. Your blog was wonderfull. Wish we could of joined you.

Will and karla

Catherine said...

Welcome home!! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, was fun to travel along vicariously. Happy napping!