Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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Ahhhh, it was nice to spend the whole day in the same town. First order of business today was to retrieve the cars from the Casper Event Center. Then a tour through the Interpretive Center, nice exhibits on the four trails that all passed through Casper. The Oregon trail, the California Trail, the Mormon Trail and the Pony Express Trail.

Did a little downtown shopping. Huge western clothing store, got a couple new cowboy shirts. Went on to the only antique mall in town and found 10 Model A's already parked in front. Only John G found something that the vultures missed, a tire gauge. Patti had to try a new saddle.

This afternoon, all the A's went to the local Ford dealer for an ice cream social. There are 156 cars registered on the tour and I think we overwhelmed the place, they had to send out for more ice cream, guess they just didn't understand about Model A's and ice cream. And then this evening we all went out to Fort Casper for a BBQ, and had buffalo burgers and buffalo bratwurst. The local Pony Express chapter directed traffic for us, and collected letters which will get a Pony Express postmark.  Wrapped up the festivities and went home to pack. Early departure tomorrow morning.

And look who showed up at our hotel, the Pelikans!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, Bet that BBQ was good. Be safe and secure on the trip home and we'll be keep'n a lookout for more reports.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob & Patti,
We left Casper at 6:00 this morning. Thought I'd see you wandering around the parking lot, but didn't have patience to wait any longer! We made it to Jackson Hole and tomorrow early we'll see what we can of Yellowstone & on to Idaho Falls. Motel 6 here is $100/nite which is a steal around here. Very nice clean room.
See you at home someday...
-Bob & Mary B.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bob and Patti,
Sounds and looks as if y'all are having a great trip. We're enjoying following along with you on the blog. Great pictures and videos! We hope to take a road trip with our two grandsons in August to San Jose. Your blog makes us want to get started. Keep having a great trip.
Will Ed and Linda in Texas