Saturday, June 02, 2012


After this weeks frantic preparations, all five cars showed up at the departure point, loaded for bear.  And we had a cheering section to see us off.  Thanks, guys, that made us all feel really good. Look in the background there, and you can see Bill Lancaster’s long distance touring blue coupe, now isn’t that a fitting send off?  Click on any picture to see a larger version.

TDSC02313 And here are the anxious travelers. Okay, everybody wave.  Nervous wave.  I’m nervous because I only have 90 miles on that new engine that I put in two days ago.

TDSC02315Langes, Nicholsons, Eldertons, Meneelys, and Kafers.  And the cars:

TDSC02318Down the road a bit, we even got a little escort from the Wildmans, who came zipping up behind us and passed us. I didn’t know that pickup would go that fast. Also, did you know that Kelly Bybee can drive with one hand and shoot (a video) with the other on the freeway? He is one talented man.

TDSC02319  Was the day uneventful, were we driving Model A’s?  One minor little glitch when Rich pulled a vacuum on his gas tank and had to loosen the cap.  And a little larger glitch struck Meneelys when the dratted alternator bracket broke.  But, dug into the tool pouch and found the baling wire.  Looks like it will work just fine, it only has to last another 5800 miles.  New engine running really nice, have been slowly increasing the cruising speed.


  Three cars are in Bakersfield tonight, Meneelys, Kafers and Langes, and it was a little warm here, 95 degrees.  Two cars are in Santa Monica, Eldertons and Nicholsons, only 75 degrees.  We will merge together tomorrow in Barstow.  Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Have safe trip, hope you don't run out of bailing wire! See you in Detroit, Rodg

Anonymous said...

Hi to all.So far so good.wishing you all a safe and fun trip...
looking forward to your daily reports. KEEP SAFE.

Anonymous said...

Happy travels. Be safe Wish we were travlin with you all

Will and Karla

Anonymous said...

One day down, 29 to go!Glad to hear the first day went well. Hope your A/C works good. Enjoying the blog.
Bob & Mary

Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to "Rock & Roll". Happy trails.

L & AG

Anonymous said...

Ok - you made it past Bakersfield - I can have Bob unload the back of the sedan! He doesn't have to come save anyone! All the parts can go back in the garage. We are really missing not being with you, this is going to be one great trip!Mary B

Unknown said...

Happy Traveling and so far so good
J and J

John & Lizanne said...

Hopefully you can call during the meeting Tuesday night and give us all a good report. This is exciting for us all. Good luck and safe travels.
John and Lizane

M3 said...

Yay!! Good first day. We don't have phone/internet/cable right now, so call our cell phones if you need us.