Tuesday, June 19, 2012


130 miles today.  When we start out the day,TDSC02854 we always say, “nothing much today, nothing special, we won’t have anything to do after noon.  Never works out that way.  Beautiful sunrise to the east, but rain to the west and it did not let up till noon, so which way were we touring?  You guessed it. West 60 miles to the Ford Sawmill at Alberta, MI.TDSC02857 TDSC02860 Won’t bore you with a bunch of inside pictures except for this interesting sign explaining Kingsford Charcoal. Click on this one for a larger version.TDSC02861 Searched out lunch at the Mt. Shasta cafe, where the owner treated us to free strawberry shortcake just because our Model A’s parked out front were a draw for more Model A’s,  you know Model A Food Club.TDSC02869  Then visited Michigamme, MI and got a guided tour through the museum and the firehouse,,,,, dig the steamer,,,,TDSC02880 also had a AA firetruck under restoration, this truck had 971 miles on it.  Don Cole, look at that express bed.TDSC02875 The ladies found the mercantile store and got their revenge,,,TDSC02882This town is right out of the 30’s, don’t you think???? TDSC02884 Here’s a couple of weird snowplows, folks have made snow plows out of every type of vehicle you can think of.TDSC02887 TDSC02889 Tonight, we had a wine and cheese and chips and cracker party on the deck. The delicacy was smoked fish (salmon & Menominee) and curds from Wisconsin.TDSC02894 But remember, what happens in Yooperland stays in Yooperland,,,, “show me the way to go home,”TDSC02890


Anonymous said...

So many interesting sights, so much fun, so many history lessons, and of course, much food & drink. Hope you won't be bored when you return to california.


Anonymous said...

I wish we could hear the video to that last picture! What fun. Glad the rain stopped.

Mary & Bob

Anonymous said...

Should be drinking that wine out of a bota! Marlayna