Monday, June 11, 2012


Kalamazoo, MI to Dearborn MI via Hickory Corners, 173 miles.  Got out on the Michigan byways this morning on our way to Hickory Corners, very pretty country driving.TDSC02589 Went to the Grove St. Cafe in Delton for breakfast, full of locals, waitress knew when they walked in what they were going to order.  We had two bacon egg hashbrown and toast (homemade bread) breakfasts and a piece of apple pie for $11.29.  I must report that on my search for ever better and cheaper apple pie, this is now the item to beat, mighty fine pie, $2.25.TDSC02593 And off to the Gilmore Museum, which is a tremendous complex of 90 acres, with lots of really pristine cars to look at.  There is a Cadillac building, a Pierce Arrow building, a Franklin building, a 50’s and 60’s wing, a race car section, and several other big barns with Lincolns, Auburns, Dusenbergs, Packards and on and on. Here are a couple pictures. A dust bowl setting,,,,TDSC02601 The YELLOW PERIL!!!!!TDSC02602 A neat T speedster,,,,,  (close to the heart)TDSC02603 A fun sign,,,,,TDSC02604Lot of beauties like this,,,,TDSC02619  Outside they had a fine restored diner and a Shell station.TDSC02612 TDSC02611 Here is the MAFFI building under construction,,,,TDSC02624 Then we headed for Dearborn on some more byways,,,TDSC02626 But finally had to bite the bullet and get on the Interstate for another dose of heavy traffic,,,,TDSC02629 And look at this rediculous speed limit sign!!!!TDSC02628 What fool thought that up?  Anyway, all folks are here in Dearborn, although a little scattered out. Only two little glitches today, both with turn signals.  Damned interstate is so rough, it vibrated my flasher off, it’s out there on the road somewhere.  So my new one is secured with baling wire, my second baling wire fix on this trip. Rich’s flasher just fried itself and quit working,  but there are Oreilly stores everywhere, and they all have flashers.  And I might mention that the Eldertons caught up with us at the Gilmore museum and they are now driving a 20 ft van with the phaeton in the back.  Tomorrow, the Ford museums…..


Anonymous said...

Beautiful area. Looks like fun. Did you save a piece of pie for me? Glad altogether Have fun at Ford Museum tomorrow. Hope you all stay safe and enjoy the updates
Will and Karla

Unknown said...

What a trip. We've been waiting at the computer like kids waiting for the newest blog to come up. It got to be 7PM over here, and we're thinking "where are the Meneeely's?

Anonymous said...

You're almost there. You will love Dearborn. Too bad you won't have enough time to do all the museums there (that would take a week. Or maybe you will???? Happy traveling.

L & AG

Anonymous said...

Beautiful driving today except for the interstate. When Bob & I were there for our sons graduation from College we got stuck on the freeway for 3 hours beause a dummy drove into one of the bridges and killed himself. There was no way to get off the freeway. Some people were driving up the on ramps but we couldn't get over there to do it!

Enjoy the museums and Dearborn, it is fun.
Mary & Bob

Anonymous said...

That picture of the "Dust Bowl Setting" looks like it was taken in my garage. Glad everyone is still motoring.

2 up 2 down , 4 wheels on the ground!

-Bob & Mary

Anonymous said...

To bad about Chuck and Nora.So did you buy your BRICK? Great country pictures.. It was Hot here today,99 in San Jose.Say Hi to all.

John & Lizanne said...

We're still kicking ourselves for not going too. You are having the adventure of a lifetime.
We envy you.

Your blog is wonderful. We can't wait to see more each day.

John and Lizanne

Catherine said...

Dearborn? You're almost in my back yard!

Great pics today! What a beautiful museum for you to visit.

Heh...every time we hop across the border and I see speed signs like the one you posted I shake my head too. By the time you've read and absorbed it you could be in a collision! Too much info for one little sign!

Enjoy MI! We're neighbours for a few days! Waving from the East!