Monday, June 25, 2012


Marshall, MN to Pierre, SD, 267 miles.  Started the morning off by changing the carburetor again, blasted zenith float valve just not making it,  okay on the road, but dripping like a leaky faucet at a stop.  So I am back to my original Tillotson, which seems to be doing okay after a complete disassembly and blowing out all the passages.  It was mostly two lane roads, started the day out following this rig,,,,TDSC03038

Lots of wind machines out here on the plains,,,,, and whoopee, it was blowing our way, a tailwind,,,, Meneely luck strikes again, 20 mpg!!!!TDSC03039 Stopped at the Ingalls Homestead,,,, where Laura Ingalls Wilder grew up,,,TDSC03040 These two children leaped onto the merry-go-round,,,,TDSC03043 This is the little house on the prairie,,,, well okay, a replica.=,,,,TDSC03049 In the shop, they had a rope making machine,,,,TDSC03055 We actually spent a lot of time there today, had a cheese and cracker lunch on the bunkhouse porch,,   but finally hit the road again,,, on one of our gas stops, couldn’t resist taking a closer look at this monster grain bin on rubber tracks.TDSC03063 Giant farm equipment for sale at every crossroads town,we looked at a lot of corn and wheat and soybeans today,  finished the day off just the way we started, behind a piece of farm equipment,  this guy was rolling down the road almost as fast as us.TDSC03064 Interesting signs for today – Shade Tree Auto Repair,,, Hole in the Mountain Park,,, Prime Cut Ranch,,,


Anonymous said...

Well, you are getting closer! The farm site looked like fun. I thought the house was larger on the TV show!!
20 mpg even with a leaky carburetor, impressive.
Bob & Mary

Anonymous said...

Did you make a rope? If so, it could come in handy if you need to be towed. Just seem to be doing okay with that A.


TubaDad said...

There is a great musical instrument museum in Pierre at the University of South Dakota - it's called the Shrine to Music Museum. Lots of neat stuff. Wish I could have given you some advance notice!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Lawrence Welk from Pierre, N.D.? Maybe you could've stopped for accordian music and champagne bubbles?

Unknown said...

You should have taken my Zenith along...don't know why I didn't bring it over before you left.
You're comin' home!