Friday, June 22, 2012


Low key final day, folks scattered all over, some antiquing, some tourist touring, some folks already gone, us folks driving Model A’s resting up for a 300 plus mile day tomorrow.  Final banquet was tonight in the Superior Dome. Final highlight of the banquet, Linda Nicholson got to ride out of the Dome in the back of the 20 Millionth Ford, we’ll have to get a picture from Bill tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet Linda was real excited about getting to ride in a Model A!! Have a good trip home...look forward to reading all about it.
Bob & Mary

M3 said...

300 miles?! Geez, take it easy guys, get a few milkshakes along the way, stop and see a museum or two. Hee!

PS: We made it up to Tahoe today. R got off the plane from China, met us at home where everything was already packed, and we hopped on the freeway. PanPan is running around the cabin in his ball right now and the girls are (not) sleeping up in the loft.

Anonymous said...

It's been fun touring with you. I'm sure you'll see a few sights on the way home also. Drive safely.