Friday, June 29, 2012


Yellowstone Canyon Lodge, WY to Wells, NV, 438 miles, and 4 states, WY, MT, ID, and NV.  What can I say, it is downhill from Yellowstone and the little black coupe just got the bit in its teeth and headed for home.  That combined with some nice level four lane highways and favorable winds most of the way sure helped us cover the ground.  We got to our intended destination at Twin Falls at 2:00, looked at each other and said, “Let’s go to Wells.”  Happy to report that the oil consumption fell to a more reasonable level, only took one quart at the end of the day.  Being in Wells tonight puts us in reach of Tahoe tomorrow (if the winds are halfway favorable), and home on Sunday. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Only took a couple pictures today, geysers in the sunrise,,,TDSC03210 Steam across the road,,,TDSC03213I love Yellowstone in the early morning, the steam clouds are much larger and the wildlife is just waking up,,,TDSC03214  The only other picture I took was of this stretch of road between Twin Falls and Wells.  Little dusty, and notice the waves in the asphalt, almost got Patti seasick.  TDSC03216 Tahoe tomorrow or bust!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone is ready to be home...So what is your next TRIP!!!!!See you soon,

Anonymous said...

438 miles and 4 states!!! What can WE say? We can not imagine. Wishing you a good trip to Tahoe.

L & AG

Anonymous said...

"Heading home" is sounding good. But we're going to miss the blogs.
Bob & Mary

Anonymous said...

Hey, What's the matter? Dad woould have made it home!!

Will and Karla ;)

Unknown said...

Are you gonna stop in Apple Valley for a dumpling? Last time, we were too early...
You're headin' for the barn!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I must have missed the yellowstone day the first time around. Just saw the photos. Those geysers are really neat! 'd like to go see them someday.