Thursday, June 14, 2012


Return to The Henry Ford and then Dearborn to Bay City, 131 miles.  As it was a short driving day, we returned to the Henry Ford complex this morning and took in a few things that we had missed previously.  After lunch we navigated to the Piquette Ford Plant, where the Model T was born. TDSC02726 TDSC02727 Arriving on the second floor in the freight elevator.TDSC02700 Even before the Model T and the moving assembly line, 100 cars a day were produced in this building. The building interior is unrestored and is pretty much as it was when Ford production was here.  TDSC02703 The building was special made to Ford’s specifications and each floor was split into four bays with self-closing fire doors and an overhead sprinkler system and big freight elevator.  Cars were manufactured on the second and third floors, bottom floor was machine shops.  Each finished car was driven twice around the block, and if that was successful was then loaded into a railcar on a siding at the back of the building. Each bay between the poles was a workstation producing two cars.  The cars on the floor are on display in exchange for storage in the plant. Pat did find a non-skid tire and was looking for ink when I reminded her that it would print a mirror image.TDSC02707One of the real curiosities was a bonafide 4WD Model T.  The ladies feigned interest.TDSC02722  But we know what they were really thinking,,,,TDSC02725 After the most interesting tour, we hit the road and are in Bay City, MI tonight.  Onward and northward……


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you all having such fun! Even if some of it is only acting on the ladies part. I bet none of you will want to see a car museum for a long time. Wish we were there too!
Enjoy the drive to the northern peninsula. Be safe
Mary & Bob

Anonymous said...

Your adventures are way too cool.


Anonymous said...

Enjoying your bloggs & pics