Wednesday, June 13, 2012


TDSC02661  Dearborn, MI, hit the opening bell at the Rouge plant at 9:30, stayed until noon. It was fascinating even to the ladies.  Went to the Henry Ford Museum for lunch and stayed till they booted us out at 5:00, actually we need another day in this area.  TDSC02686 Click on this exploded car for a bigger version, us Model T guys dug this.TDSC02672

Yesterday we were joined by the Griffins and today the Wildmans arrived. It is always great to add more SCVC members. For those of you still at home in CA, it is not too late to come.  We have so many interesting stories to tell that we really don’t know where to begin and many of these tales will stay in Dearborn! When we return, I know that some people can be bribed to tell all. (patti)


Anonymous said...

So, I got the Model T started up the other day. New water pump and Exhaust manifold. Maybe I could drive out to meet you in Michigan?!
Bob & Mary

Anonymous said...

We knew you couldn't do Dearborn in one day!! Tell Glenn we're glad he got his glasses back. Now he can see all the great sites.

L & AG