Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Miles today, not too many, probably less than 25.  Actually everything we did today was away from the actual convention activities.  This morning, I spotted a ship coming in to the ore dock,,,,TDSC02904 so we hustled over to the ore dock at the other end of town to watch,,,,TDSC02916Docking was very slow and controlled,,,TDSC02908  after he docked, this large boom started to move,,,,TDSC02914 and finally reached over to this huge bin and started unloading coal,,,TDSC02917 The destination for the coal was this power plant across the street.TDSC02905 And we found out that after the coal is unloaded, it picks up a load of iron ore.   Whole process was fascinating. 

Our next activity for the day was a tour to an operating iron mine and processing plant, the Tilden mine owned by Cliffs Resources, a company that dates back to 1847. We donned hardhats, safety glasses and safety vests for a bus tour,,,,TDSC02919 that took us to the open pit mine (1200 feet deep) and then to a walking tour through the processing plant which manufactures iron ore pellets that are then loaded onto railcars and transported to the ore dock that we were at this morning.  Picture taking was prohibited, so I can only say that the pit and the processing plant were mind boggling, we walked in one door and walked through all the stages of the process and when we came back out the exit door, we had walked a mile.  The size of the machinery was staggering.  The rotary kilns are 25 feet in diameter and 160 feet long.  You can get some idea of the size of the machinery in this plant at this website:

Patti says that seeing the coal barge and then walking through this rather noisy and hot iron ore processing plant was a great way to celebrate our 48th anniversary.  I think I may be on the hook for something later!


Anonymous said...

So, ...why doesn't the TOUR GUIDE have safety glasses, safety vest, and hard hat in place?????
Bob & Mary

M3 said...

Happy anniversary!! (Ok, this *might* not be the most romantic anniversary you've had? Just guessing.)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow 48 years! I hope the two of you had a nice dinner together. We sure are enjoying the daily recaps. Chris and Sharon

Anonymous said...

Okay, now the girls have to spend the day at a ladies dress & hat factory tour that dates from 1912 to 2012. That's only fair. Happy Anniversary and happy travels.

L & AG

Anonymous said...

OK Bob you can redeem yourself today! Do something really fantastic and tell Patti you had it planned all along! Can't celebrate on your actual anniversary, it wouldn't be a surprise! That is what my Bob would do!
Mary B

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary! (a day late) but the thought was there for you guys. Even put the Morman Trail Rock out so we'd remember, did that help, NO! We were there when we celebrated your big day a year or 2 ago when we on tour. Interesting, those BIG ships.